In all likelihood, Li Xiaojie was buying iPhones to bring back to China for resale, or as she claims, for relatives (and friends). When the Apple store manager in the New Hampshire mall refused to sell her more than two, she argued other customers were allowed. [Update: See Charles Liu comment below, Apple has lifted the number of phones restriction for the holidays.] Details beyond that are still a bit sketchy, but what caused the headlines in the U.S. press is that this tiny woman was stunned by Taser and then tackled to the ground by two Nashua police officers. All of that took place in front of her 12 year-old daughter. Brutality? No doubt about it in my mind. Court date is set for next month.

十有八九,李小姐购买苹果手机是想带回中国进行转售,或者像她自己所说的那样是替亲戚(和朋友)买的。当新罕布什尔州商场苹果专卖店的经理拒绝卖给她两部以上的手机时,她争辩说为什么其他顾客可以。(译注:据下面Charles Liu的评论,苹果已经取消了假期内手机购买数量的限制)具体细节仍不明朗,但这件事之所以成为美国媒体的头条新闻是因为这个瘦小的女人被两个纳舒厄警察电击然后扑倒在地,而所有的这一切就发生在她12岁大的女儿面前。是不是太野蛮了?在我看来绝对是。开庭日期定在下个月。

Chinese visitors to the U.S. have no clue how merciless law enforcement can be in this country. It is totally different than in China where citizens often can get away with screaming and yelling at the police!




1. JJ - December 12th, 2012 at 22:48 | 2012年12月12日 22:48
Do you know how the news in China is? Are they reporting this as well?Yeah, visitors to the US need to know that the cops here are quite aggressive. I know in many Asian countries you can talk back to the cops and they’ll just try to calm things down. But here if you talk back you’ll most likely get assaulted.


2. Charles Liu - December 12th, 2012 at 23:09 | 2012年12月12日 23:09
This smells like racism. Apple lifted the two iphone per customer limit:
I’d suggest people call the Pheasant Lane Apple Store:
603 521 3400
And find out why Chinese people are being discriminated.

我建议大家致电Pheasant Lane苹果专卖店:
603 521 3400

3. melektaus - December 13th, 2012 at 00:15 | 2012年12月13日 00:15
Once again, great find, Charles.


4. DeWang - December 13th, 2012 at 00:26 | 2012年12月13日 00:26
Thanks Charles.


5. N.M.Cheung - December 13th, 2012 at 08:14 | 2012年12月13日 08:14
Using Taser against customer is rather unusual in most urban police forces, but in New Hampshire or Southern States which have prejudices against Chinese I am not that surprised. The publicity will probably resulting the charges be dismissed, but for Chinese outraged by the Apple Store I suggest protest against Apple Company, demanding explanation and apology since the limit was rescinded after holiday. If no satisfaction I suggest maybe someone in the microblog will initiate a boycott against Apple products.


6. no-name - December 13th, 2012 at 09:51 | 2012年12月13日 09:51
Many people are totally not aware that in the US male police officers often use or often apply maximum force against women and girls whenever attending to any call concerning disputes or fracas. In many other countries, male police officers cannot manhandle female suspects. For example in my country, all police stations have female officers/constables as part of their frontline team( armed squad members). The US is really far behind smaller countries when it comes to police work.


7. melektaus - December 13th, 2012 at 09:52 | 2012年12月13日 09:52
There’s prejudice throughout the US, not just in New Hampshire and the southern states. It’s common in urban areas too. Actually, I was well treated almost wherever I went in the state of KY in the US. There are some very racist people but blacks usually get almost all the shit from the racists in the south.


8. Charles Liu - December 13th, 2012 at 11:13 | 2012年12月13日 11:13
I just called the store in NH and politely asked if I can buy 3 phones for my 3 daughters for Christmas, and they said yes.
But when I expressed my concern about the woman being tased, and that I’m Asian, they told me the phones are sold out and hung up on me.


9. melektaus - December 13th, 2012 at 11:52 | 2012年12月13日 11:52
Charles, I hope you recorded that conversation. These scum need to be exposed to the light of day. I’m really glad I have always eschewed Apple products.


10. colin - December 13th, 2012 at 13:47 | 2012年12月13日 13:47
I was planning to upgrade to a iphone but will hold until happle issues some statement to adress this. Well at least for Li, she has herself a multimillion dollar lawsuit against apple and ma police.


11. colin - December 13th, 2012 at 13:54 | 2012年12月13日 13:54
I'm curious to see how this is picked in the chinese press and internet


12. pug_ster - December 13th, 2012 at 18:13 | 2012年12月13日 18:13
Personally I don’t know why Chinese people buy these iphones. You see numerous stories of people buying iphones from Hong Kong and try to sneak them to China and got caught. There are plenty of Android phones out there and many of them are very good Chinese phones, like from Xiaomi and Oppo. Personally, I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 and wonder what I missed from iphones.

我个人无法理解中国人为什么要买苹果手机。有许多人从香港买苹果手机,并试图走私到中国然后被逮住了。还有很多其他的安卓手机可供选择,其中的一些中国手机如小米和Oppo就很好。我用的是Samsung Galaxy S3,很好奇苹果手机有什么独特的。



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