Officials: China is 'toodependent on Android'政府官员:中国“过于依赖安卓系统”That's the word from the ChinaMinistry of Industry and Information Technology, which complained that the coreAndroid technology is "strictly controlled by Google."


Watch out, Google: Android is underscrutiny in China.

谷歌小心了 :在中国,安卓是处于监察之下的

The Chinese Ministry of Industryand Information Technology today released a white paper that takes aim atGoogle's Android operating system. Theministry said that Android's popularity has caused the country to become"too dependent" on the operating system. And although other companieshave tried to build on top of Android, the ministry complained that theoperating system's "core technology and technology road map is strictlycontrolled by Google."

中国工业与信息化部今天(3月5日)发布的白 皮书直指谷歌的安卓操作系统。该部门表示,安卓的流行已经致使该国变得“过度依赖”此操作系统。虽然其他公司已经设法在安卓上面做开发,但该部门抱怨该操作系统的“核心技术和技术路线受到谷歌公司的严格控制”

Reuters was first to obtain the white paper and report on it.
Android's popularity is growing in leaps and bounds. Inthe fourth quarter, the operating system landed 70.1 percent of the smartphone market shareworldwide, easilyoutpacing iOS at 21 percent. A key reason for Android's success is China.

路透社第一个获得此白 皮书,并对此进行了报道。安卓系统的增长普及是如此迅速。在去年第四季度,该操作系统占全球智能手机市场份额的70.1% ,轻易地胜过了ios(苹果系统iphone operating system)21个百份比,而安卓如此成功的关键是中国。

In December, market researcherInforma announced that worldwide Android shipments in 2012 would hit 461million units. One-third of all Android devices shipped were sent to China. Informa also said that Android isrunning on two-thirds of all smartphones in China.

去年十二月,市场研究公司Informa宣布, Android平台的手机在2012年全球范围的出货量将达到4.61亿台,三分之一的安卓系统手机出货被销往中国。该研究公司还说,在中国有三分之二的智能手机上运行安卓操作系统。

That the ministry has taken issuewith Android could spell trouble for Google. The report didn't propose anyregulations on Android or request for changes, but China has in the past placedonerous terms on popular companies.

该部门对安卓提出的异议,可能会给谷歌带来麻烦。该白 皮书没有对安卓提出任何管理措施,也没有向谷歌公司要求进行任何改变,但中国过去有过向著名公司施加具有法律义务的监管条例的先例。

Google knows something about that.As the company's search platform was soaring in China, the government requestedthat it censor search results. After a long-fought battle that saw Googlecensor some results for a period of time, the company decided to move itsoperation to Hong Kong. Baidu, its chiefcompetitor in China,is the dominant search platform in that country.


Although there's currently no majorplatform, aside from iOS, that's a possible threat to Android, the ministrypointed to Baidu's own Android alternative as the right step forward. Whether China willofficially throw its support behind that operating system, however, remains tobe seen.


CNET has contacted Google forcomment on the ministry's report. We will update this story when we have moreinformation.



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